Pop 30

Mika’s boyfriend puts an end to their relationship when she proposes marriage. Mika moves back home and becomes addicted to her ATARI video game still sitting in her childhood bedroom. But going back to the past doesn’t heal Mika’s heartache. 

Director: Shira Billig

Runtime: 17 Mins

Year: 2019

Friday, November 13, 2020. 6:30pm


About The Director

Shira Billig

Shira Billig, 27, was born in Jerusalem. From an early age Shira played musical instruments, and later wrote and composed the music for a number of short films. Shira studied in a four-year, full time directing program at the Ma’aleh School of Film and Television in Jerusalem, graduating in January 2019.  A Pain in the Neck, her second-year narrative short film, has been shown at a number of festivals worldwide. She is also engaged in a B.Ed. program in Herzog college, majoring in Communication and literature. Shira works as a film director, cinematographer and video editor. Pop 30 is her graduating film.