Meet Our Festival Team

Find out more about the professionals and community members behind this year’s inaugural festival. Our inspiring team has contributed to the programming, commissioning, publishing, production, creation, and direction of the festival.

Pearl Gluck

Pearl is a filmmaker whose work has been part of the Sundance Lab, Cannes, PBS, and the Sundance Channel. She continues to make both doc and narrative films that explore themes of faith, class, and gender. She teaches Screenwriting and Directing at Penn State University.

Curt Chandler

Curt is a visual journalist and educator who has worked and taught on three continents. He lives in Philipsburg with his wife, Stacie.

Renea Nichols

Renea joined the Bellisario College of Communication faculty at The Pennsylvania University in 2004 after spending eight years as a lecturer at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University, and a decade working as a PR professional and journalist.

Rebecca Inlow

Member of the Rowland Theatre board of directors, author of “The Rowland Story: Beauty From Ashes”, and very active volunteer in the theatre’s life.

Kevin Conklin

Kevin is the Director of Daily Operations at the Rowland Theatre, the Electrical Integrity Analyst at Penn State, and the Director of the Philipsburg Historical Foundation.

Renee McQuown

Renee is a life long educator at the Intermediate Unit 10 through the PA Partners of the Arts. She serves as the program director for the Arts in Education Development.

Tasha Smith

Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, Tasha provides administrative support to the Bellisario College of Communications.

Whitney Justice

Graphic Designer for the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications.

Julie Houston

Julie is Vice President of Global Drill Service, board member of Clearfield County Historical Society, wife to Mark, and mom to Katelyn and Abigail.

Heather Baumgarten

Heather is the President of State College Hadassah and serves on the Advisory Board of Chabad of Penn State. She is also a member of The Centre County Hope Initiative.

Teresa Hamilton

Teresa Hamilton is an Assistant Teaching Professor of English at Penn State University, writer and storyteller.

Shindig Alley

Shindig Alley is the premier location for all things Mid Century Modern and vintage clothing located in heart of Philipsburg, Pa.

Faith Maguire

Philipsburg Revitalization Events Coordinator with deep roots and a passion for her community.

Eric Kelemenson

Eric runs Reframe LLC, a real estate development company focused on historic preservation and affordable housing. Originally from Maine, Eric is the president of the Philipsburg Revitalization Corporation.

Andrea Posey

Aundrea is a writer-producer from Washington, D.C., currently residing in Los Angeles. She matriculated at Penn State University with a B.A. in Film/Video. Today, Aundrea works within the scripted drama-comedy space.

Meet the Student Team

Find out more about the students behind this year’s film festival. Their dedication to the arts and their skills contributed to the programming, commissioning, publishing, production, creation, and direction of the festival.

Lauren Ansell

Born and raised in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, Lauren plans to graduate in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and a minor in digital media trends and analytics. During the day, she’s the News Writer for the Rock Ethics Institute, and at night enjoys playing mario kart with her roommates.

Justin Gibbs

Justin is a senior Film/Video student at Penn State University, specializing in cinematography, editing and graphic design.

Alexis Page

A senior majoring in Public Relations at the Pennsylvania State University, Alexis is armed with a zest for storytelling and communication style.

Billy Jackson

Billy is a filmmaker and movie critic from York, Pennsylvania. He specializes in writing and directing narrative shorts, but has also featured as a live talent on radio and on stage.

Stephen Jackson

Stephen is a senior year Film student from Long Island New York. Stephen loves film and script writing with a special interests in comedy.

Taylor Jackson

Taylor is a senior at Penn State University. She studies Early Childhood Education and Theatre.

Justina Loungo

Justina is a senior film-video major and Schreyer Honors College scholar. She is currently shooting a short narrative film and working as Post-Production Executive at Penn State’s student-run media production agency, CommAgency.

Andrew McDaniels

Andrew McDaniel is a soon to graduate Film Major at The Pennsylvania State University. Andrew strives to write and direct films that connect with audiences by offering surreal, humorous, and captivating experiences.

Liam Nee

Liam is a student filmmaker from Scranton, PA. He has previously worked on amateur and semi-professional film sets in the sound department, and I am now working with the social media department for the Centre County Film Festival.

Nic Rubolino

Nic Rubolino is a filmmaker and artist from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He is currently studying film at Penn State University with a minor in Sociology. He is currently the website developer for the Centre Film Festival.

Morgan Seiff

Morgan is a junior studying film at Penn State University with minors in English and Jewish Studies.

Alexa Stilley

Alexandria is a Film Producer currently studying at Penn State. She will be graduating this December (2019) with a BA in Film-Video and a Minor in Theatre.

Kerry Brennan

Kerry is a senior at Penn State University majoring in public relations from Wyckoff, New Jersey.

Madison Lysek

Madison is a senior at The Pennsylvania State University majoring in public relations and minoring in Spanish.

Allison Wulfhorst

Allison is a senior studying public relations with a curious personality and a passion to mix her interests in her career.

Kai Jiang

Kai is a Penn State senior studying Film/Video. Hoping to continue filmmaking after graduation in New York City.

Remington Daron

Remington is a student focusing on cinematography and documentary film-making. Currently working on his senior capstone project Media Mayor.

Theodore Rosenblum

Theodore is a filmmaker, actor, and writer who is a freshman at Penn State. His new film, THE FIELDS,recently won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the L’age D’or International Arthouse Film Festival in Kolkata, India.