Block Four:

Honoring our Vets

In honor of Veterans Day, join us for a screening of Stray Dog preceded by short film The Other Border. Ron Hall will be at the screening and discuss his experiences with local vets addressing issues they face today and how we can make an impact in our own town. Gerardo Hernandez and his family will join the discussion as well, moderated by ethics professor, Patrick Plaisance.

Stray Dog

Debra Granik

USA; 98mins

A contemplative portrait of Ron ‘Stray Dog’ Hall: biker, Vietnam Vet, and lover of small dogs.

The Other Border

Justin Zimmerman

USA; 8 mins

The Other Border is high school student Gerardo Hernandez’s American story. Shot exclusively on 8mm and 16mm film, visit Norwalk, Ohio from his perspective.

Local Vets Talk with Ron Hall and Gerardo Hernandez

“Stray Dog”

In honor of Veteran’s Day, have an intergenerational dialogue with local vets, a young man afraid of losing his American identity, and the issues they face today.