Block Seven:

High School Shorts

Sunday, November 10, 2:30pm-4:00pm

Screen short films by local and international high school film students with genres ranging from comedy to horror to animation. Films were submitted by high school students internationally and selected by Penn State University undergraduate student judges. A Youth Jury will award a Best Short, Best Film, and Juror’s Choice Award. Cast your vote for Audience Choice Award after the screening.

Your American Brother

Aamuro Kanda

USA; 2019,7min

A young man receives a draft notice for the Vietnam War and makes a tough decision.

Squared Away

Nicholás Cárdenas-Miller

USA; 2019, 3min

A girl is at home by herself and attacked by a monster.

Dear Fellow Traveler

Parker Fuller

USA; 3min

A cowboy meets the love of his life, but mysteriously loses him not long after. Brokenhearted, he travels to every corner of Texas in search of him.

It Can Be Your Love

Prince Kumar

India; 8min

On the occasion of mother’s day, Aasu’s friends give gifts to their mothers, but he is not able to give anything to his.

49 Uncomfortable-ish Questions with Mom

Libby Findling

USA; 2019,5min

Libby Findling interviews her beloved mother about life, love and other miscellaneous uncomfortable questions.


Kian Doughty

USA; 2019, 3min

An elderly man wrestles with the past in a silent 16mm film written and directed by 8th grader Kian Doughty.

Not Just a Team

Scott Frantz

USA; 7min

An interview of Coach Renee Lanager and runners from the Philipsburg-Osceola cross country team, and how they are supporting her through her fight with cancer.

On My Mind

Bella Moon

USA; 2019, 3min

A girl is tormented by strange thoughts that affect her everyday life.

Lost and Found

Arjun Purohit

USA; 2019, 6min

Set in New York City, a girl attempts to find her mother and instead finds a larger purpose of family.

So I’m All.

Christopher Putlock & Samuel Miller

USA; 2019, 5min

Travel inside the mind of a boy who becomes friends with his depression.

Is It Mere Glasses?

Prince Kumar

India; 2019, 8min

As it moves from one person to another, a pair of glasses are not merely an object, instead, it symbolizes a beam of thought based on the doctrines on Mahatma Gandhi.


Nicolás Cárdenas-Miller & Nicholas Cole

USA; 2019, 7min

A horror short.