Our Mission

The Centre Film Workshop is a grass-roots organization founded to bring local stories to film and to create a platform for multimedia storytelling, dialogue, and screenings. With the historic Rowland Theatre as a century-old touchstone, we will bring filmmakers and films to the community that spark conversation. At the same time, in order to inspire new work, we aim to create workshop and masterclass opportunities at public events that will enable students (from junior high to undergrads) to engage with artists in the field and help them develop their own artistic visions. We believe Central Pennsylvania is rich with screen-worthy stories and the talent to make them.

This year we are going virtual with the support of our sponsors and with the opportunity to support the following three cultural institutions during these difficult times.

Director’s Statement

It is an honor to bring the Centre Film Festival to the Rowland Theatre together with an extraordinary and dedicated team of volunteers and film lovers. In the process of planning our first year’s program, it has been inspiring getting to know the people, local businesses and non-profit organizations who are committed to Philipsburg, its heritage, its community and the arts. We are all excited to celebrate the cinematic gem of the century-old Rowland with you. This historic site transforms us back to the heyday of large-scale cinema and provides a dramatic setting for us to come together, share the space and tell our stories. The weekend is filled with many opportunities for intergenerational and multidimensional conversations, including visiting filmmakers who will answer questions after their films, special guests, a youth jury who will present awards at our closing ceremony, free masterclasses with our visiting artists, and a local high school competition which will encourage future filmmakers to flourish here. The films range from outdoor adventures to honoring our veterans, from roots music to the history of movie palaces. I would like to invite everyone to join us, stop by at some point, peek in and see what’s brewing, catch just one movie or a band, or take in the entire experience with an all-access pass. I am thrilled to share the privilege of appreciating Philipsburg and the Rowland with you and all of our volunteers and supporters.

– Pearl Gluck