Block One:

A Century of Cinema

The roaring twenties returns to the Rowland! Celebrate grand cinematic spaces in a grand cinematic space! Take a step back in time and watch an award-winning double feature line-up. Then, have a conversation with filmmaker April Wright, author Rebecca Inlow, photographer Matt Lambros, moderated by film professor Kevin Hagopian.

The Man Behind the Screen

Jack Tuman

USA; 14min

Jim Lipuma owns the Moonlite Drive-In in Brookville, PA, the only theater in Jefferson County that shows new movies and is a hub of the community. However, with those films no longer being distributed on 35mm film, the Moonlite is in danger of closing. Jim must now come up with upwards of $80,000 to purchase a digital projector or face losing his livelihood and more.

Going Attractions:

The Definitive Story of the Movie Palace

April Wright

USA; 90min

“Other countries built palaces for royalty; in the United States we built them to watch movies.” Going Attractions celebrates the splendor of great cinemas of the United States, built when movies were the acme of entertainment. The film also tracks the eventual decline of the palaces, through to today’s current preservation efforts.

Be Natural:

The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blache

Pamela B. Green

USA; 103min

Alice Guy was the world’s first female filmmaker. But with over 1,000 films produced that span two decades in both Europe and America, why do so few people know about her? Be Natural is an investigative documentary as much as it as a biography about the first woman in cinema.

Director and Author Q&A

with April Wright, Matt Lambros, and Rebecca Inlow

Have a conversation with April Wright, the director of Going Attractions, photographer Matt Lambros, who is featured in Going Attractions, and author of Rebecca Inlow, who wrote the definitive history of the Rowland Theatre. Inlow’s first movie was seen at the Rowland, and Lambros has been photographing old theatres for the past three decades.