Kid Flicks (8+)

In collaboration with the New York International Children’s Film Festival

10:00am – 12:00pm


Directed by Giselle Geney

14 Mins; 2018

Get your (soccer) kicks on the way to school with Gonzalo as he hilariously tries his very best to keep things clean and stay in the game.


Directed by Mohsen Rezapour

7 Mins; 2019

On a mysterious, unknown planet, a rabbit-like creature is eaten, but that’s just the beginning of the story.

Paper Kite

Directed by Nada Bedair

7 Mins; 2019

From her sixth grade classroom, Noor sketches a kite she sees outside the school walls. When new student Zayn walks in, a dream starts to take flight.

The One You Never Forget

Directed by Morgan Jon Fox

8 Mins; 2019

A 14-year-old excitedly prepares for his first dance, but will his date live up to his parents’ expectations?

Home Away 3000

Directed by Heloise Petel & Philippe Baranzini

11 Mins; 2018

After crashing on an unknown planet, a space traveller begins to repair his spaceship. Little does he know the surprises that await him.

The Coin

Directed by Siqi Song

7 Mins; 2019

On Chinese New Year, finding the coin hidden in a dumpling brings good luck. One girl discovers new identities and long-standing connections tucked inside as well.

The Butterfly Affect

Directed by Stephanie Blakey

5 Mins; 2019

Before “the change,” Jesse didn’t think she was any different from her friends. Now she’s a young worm trying to find her place in a butterfly’s world.

Shy & Ketchup

Directed by Teresa Romo

4 Mins; 2019

Hunger or craving, a shy girl has to push beyond her comfort zone to fulfill her need in this hilarious film.