Kid Flicks (5+)

In collaboration with the New York International Children’s Film Festival

10:00am – 12:00pm


Directed by Min Sung Ah

17 Mins; 2020

Dreamer, dawdler, adventurer, Bori tries her best on a day in the countryside, but with everyone occupied during farming season, she just may get off track.

The Magic of Chess

Directed by Jenny Schweitzer Bell

5 Mins; 2019

Plot your next move along with these clever, funny kids from around the country as they ponder chess, and life, at the 2019 Elementary Chess Championships.


Directed by Filip Posivac & Barbora Valecka

12 Mins; 2019

Kooky Chameleon and cross-eyed Kiwi won’t let a little judgement stop them from making it onto the rescue ark.

My Brother Luca

Directed by Carlos Algara & Catalina Serna

9 Mins; 2019

When an imaginative little girl discovers that her brother might have superpowers, she sets out on a quest to make sure everyone else sees him as she does.

Wash Day

Directed by Jaida Salmon

2 Mins; 2019

Join Zoey as she goes through her weekly grueling routine of washing and styling her hair.

Cat Lake City

Directed by Anteje Heyn

7 Mins; 2019

Percy Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day in every kitty’s vacation paradise, but will his cat nap turn into a tangle instead?

Konigiri-Kun: Butterfly

Directed by Mari Miyazawa

5 Mins; 2018

Konigiri-Kun wants to keep precious things close, but sometimes the most beautiful thing of all is freedom.